Brooklyn – Heights

Brooklyn – Heights
June 3rd – July 1 2011

Distillery Gallery and Art Space
7 Hutton Street
Jersey City, NJ 07307

It was a bitterly cold December day in 2006 when I first walked through the Essex County Prison in North Caldwell, New Jersey. I had been hired to photograph over 100 4×5 film images of the Jail Annex complex (builit in the 1870’s), using the HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) guidelines set up by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, before the 32-acre site was to be demolished. Although the sun was bright, the deserted prison complex appeared like a forbidding ruin with concealed memories etched deeply into the stone walls.

In the Distillery Gallery exhibition are two of these images that reveal unspoken stories about the buildings and the thousands of imprisoned, now ghostly inhabitants.

 Their presence is felt, not only in the discarded objects, graffiti drawings and magazine pin-ups that remained attached to the cell walls, but in the very essence of the structures themselves.

‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’

‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’
May 4th – May 28th 2011

Susan Maasch Fine Art Gallery
567 Congress Street
Portland ME 04101

“What would you show if you had no inhibitions? Do you have something that [is]… too personal? Too raw? Show us that image. If you could say ‘screw you, don’t tell me what to do…,’ what would it look like?” challenged Gallery Director, Susan Maasch and Photo Curator, Ryan S. Tirrell in the prospectus for the photography exhibition DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

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