Sunday July 24th – Dave and Paul Get Married, City Hall, New York

A week ago, Paul Teixiera and Dave Rimple, partners for 16 years, became one of the 484 gay and lesbian couples to marry at New York’s City Hall on July 24th 2011, the first day same-sex marriages became legal in New York State. We started the morning taking family photos in their Chelsea apartment with Lucy, their Shiba Inu, and assembling all the legal documentation required…

In Honor of the NYS Marriage Equality Act

Congratulations to my GLBTQ friends who can now CHOOSE to get married in New York State. It is our turn to walk down the aisle of love in NY. In honor of the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, I’ve launched a new website  dedicated my gay and lesbian wedding photography: I look forward to witnessing and photographing your ceremony.