WHO’S HULDAH? Biblical Woman Who Shaped our Tradition
Hebrew Union College –JIR Museum
One West Fourth St, New York NY
February 3- June 30 2015

Jewish Women of the Bible_Tamar anad Hagar

HAGAR. You are the One that Sees Me (2014)
Digital Collage. Fine Art Print on Cotton Rag Paper, Charcoal and Charcoal Pencils, Color Pencils, Gold Leaf, Wire Grill Bristles Brush; 17¾ W x 20½ H Inches (Framed). Laser Artist: Matthew Tanteri

Hagar was an Egyptian handmaid of Sarah. Because she was childless, she gave Hagar to Abraham to bear a child. When Hagar became pregnant, Sarah forced her to flee into the desert. At the well of a spring Hagar encountered a Divine Messenger and God spoke directly to her.  In this image, ‘You are the One that Sees Me,’ Hagar is looking upwards. She is becoming God’s counterpart. The gold leaf flakes and multi-colored light rays represent God speaking directly to her. God promises Hagar a nation will come from her son, Ishmael.



Jewish Women of the Bible_Tamar anad Hagar

TAMAR. Claiming Her Rights (2014)
Digital Collage. Fine Art Print on Cotton Rag Paper, Charcoal and Charcoal Pencils, Color Pencils, Wire Grill Bristles Brush, Gold Leaf, Antique Gold Wax Metallic Finish; 21¾ W x 25½ H Inches (Framed). Laser Artist: Matthew Tanteri

Judah does not want to keep his promise to give Tamar his third son after his first two sons, both her husbands, were killed by God for their wickedness.  Tamar decides to get justice for herself and secure her rights. In this image she is waiting for Judah at a site where prostitutes are known to gather.  Her face is veiled so that she will be unrecognizable. The light rays surrounding and piercing her depict both her link to God and to the twins she will conceive, one of whom will be an ancestor of King David. The fire represents Judah’s initial command that she be burned to death when he discovers that he had slept with his daughter-in-law. The deeply etched scratches on the print mirror Tamar’s willingness to face adversity so that she could secure her own future and place in posterity.


This gallery is on view through May 26.

Historic Architectural Polaroids


Patti’s Preternatural Portrait, NYC
Polapan Sepia 56 ISO 400 (Polaroid)
Image 3½ x 4½ inches

The photographs in this on-line exhibition were all made with instant films and show a diverse array of genres, subject matter and styles. My fading and aging polaroid print embraces the flaws inherent in the medium and becomes a continually evolving new reality.




NAWA Gallery (National Association of Women Artists)
80 Fifth Avenue (at Union Square), New York, NY
April 2nd – 30th 2015
Opening Reception April 2 2015   5:00 – 7:00pm

72H x 48W inches, Floating museum wood box frame with aluminum brace; Silver Gelatin Print

My images contribute new definitions to feminist iconography by depicting gender ambiguity and authenticity, and challenging the sexual, cultural and erotic representation of women. They suggest the creative ability of women to break taboos and shape their own image and identity.

CHANGED LANDSCAPES depicts a woman who bravely explores the physical and emotional contours of her new form after a double mastectomy. This biographical portrait can be viewed as a narrative about her life and as a defining moment of transfiguring change. Bald, breast-less and scarred, she is fearless and beautiful, essentially and eternally female.

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